Pardner's Pantry

Tried & True Ingredients and Recipies You can Count on!

The Ideal Pantry

A Well Appointed Pantry Spice Rack

Dry Spices: All Spice - Bay Leaves - Cardamom - Cayenne - Chile Powder - Cinnamon ground and sticks - Cloves - Cacao Powder - Coriander - Cumin - Dill - Mustard - Nutmeg – Dried Onion - Oregano - Paprika - Red-Pepper flakes - Rosemary - Saffron - Sage - Thyme - Turmeric - a work in progress.....

Less Common Additional Spices

Dry Rubs, Smoked Salts, and Infused Seasonings*: 

Native American, Asian, Poultry, Moroccan, Paella, Pork, Steak, and other Rubs 

* Smoked and Infused Salts represent a "seasoned" readily active culinary delight with flavor textures designed to enhance most many a recipe. We derive some of our seasoned salt varieties from an esteemed US provider with worldwide connections. Our own "proprietor reserve" rubs and seasonings are smoked/infused from primarily local San Luis Obispo County organic sources. 


Beans; Canned (rinse before use) or Dry, Black, Fava, Red, Cannellini, - Bread Crumbs - Chicken Beef and Vegetable Stock – Clam Juice - Coconut Milk - Corn Meal and Polenta – Couscous Quinoa – Garlic – Lentils – Olives - Onions; Sweet, Spanish and Red and/or White – Pasta Varieties, dried – Peppers, canned or bottled or dried; Spanish Paquillo, Jalapeño, Dried Adobo or Red New Mexico etc., Chipotle and Red Chili paste, - Pimientos – Potatoes –

FLOUR(s): All Purpose, Bread, Cake, Semolina for fresh Pasta, "OO" Italian Pizza & Baking Flour, Whole Wheat, Coconut, Almond Meal – 

FRUIT: Dried; Apricots, Blueberries, Cranberries, Raisins, etc.

Cooking Oils: Canola, Avocado, and Olive Oils 

Rice: Arborio/Risotto, Black Forbidden, Basmati, Brown, Sushi, and Wild

Sauces and Condiments: Soy and Tabasco sauce, - Canned Tomatoes; Paste, Sauce, Diced and Whole, & Sun Dried, etc.  

Canned: in oil, Anchovy, Sardines, and Tuna, etc.;   

Vinegars: Apple Cider, Champagne, Rice, Red and White Wine, and Balsamic, Cooking Sherry, Malt, and Infused styles. 

Less Common Delicacies in Bold

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