Pardner's Pantry

Tried & True Ingredients and Recipies You can Count on!

A Clean Kitchen is Ready for Action 

Not a lot of food-site websites dedicate much discussion regarding the maintenance of a clean Kitchen. Basic essential ingredients and tools beyond the dishwasher should be used and stored outside the Pantry cupboards:

1. Soap to clean, Cleansers to remove soil, and Disinfectants to sanitize. 

2. Extra clean sponges, scrub brush, scrubbers, and bottle brushes for getting to the inside, and drying rack and rinse disinfectant basin.

3. Separate plastic buckets for specific uses; soap & disinfectant buckets. 

4. EXTRA hot water from a teapot ready on the stove for washing dishes by hand. 

5. Saved water for outdoor plants

6. Mop and broom dedicated for kitchen area. 

7. Disposable paper towels for cleanup and after washing hands. 

8. Hand dispenser for soap and dedicated sink for hand washing with disposable paper towels.