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At Pardner's Pantry our goal is to help others create a Well Stocked Pantry by appreciating it as a cornerstone to a fully functional Kitchen. While the convenience of the local grocery might be just around the corner a well stocked Pantry is not complete without a few secret ingredients. We aim to share ours with you by exploring uncommon delicacies found the World over. We are also focused on providing first hand culinary knowledge and tried and true recipes taking aim at some of the lesser known elements to further compliment a complete Kitchen. 

Some Background Information (Skip if you like)

Back in the 1980's when I was Los Padres National Forests' only Horse Packer and Licensed Trail Guide I was the direct target of a two sided compliment; "You’re not a bad 'Packer' for a Chef."  As someone who has lived in the Homesteaders shadow I would like to offer tidbits of wisdom gained from an outfitters cupboard; the first being "You don't get coffee flavor from the water or the Pot!" (from Songs of the Sespe by Homesteader Frank Felt 1933; the Los Padres Forest Homestead I owned and ran my Horse Stable).

    At Pardner's Pantry our aim is to search beyond the immediate horizon to provide the unexpected. A well stocked Pantry should be built on the premise that hitch-en up the horses to go get some basic or integral ingredient is not the best option? On the other hand, we have had our eyes peeled for years searching for just the right ingredients and the right places for unique culinary combinations hoping that what one might find on some side trail might end up spicing up your own cupboard. 

   Our Smoked and Infused Salts and Spanish Paella and Fagon (Argentinian BBQ), and Thai Seasonings hint at the directions we aim to explore. We're happy you found our website and hope you will joined us for a savory ride. Look around and if you have any comments or questions or your own contribution, please feel free toss it our way ( [email protected] ). We'ed love to hear about your own offering(s) and share them and the story that brought it to your table. Our Blog is in process. Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Look for us at the following "Farmers Markets"

Arroyo Grande 8:30-11:00

Cambria: Fridays 2:30 to 5:30

Stores: San Luis Obispo Natural Foods Co-Op; Crackers only, Julia's Juices; Peacock Cellars  

Pardner’s Pantry items at Farmers Markets

Crackers and Pizza Crusts available at  SLO Natural Foods Co-Op

Smoked Salts: Including Smoked Apple-wood Chardonnay, Alder- wood, Smoked Red Oak/Malbec, and Smoked Red Oak and Zinfandel; and other proprietor selected verities.

Gourmet Salts: Flaked Sonoma Cooking & French Sel-Gris Salts, Chipotle, Lime Fresco, Ginger, Red Holland and the list goes on...

Paella Rice Seasoning

Organic Handmade Semolina and Omega rich Egg Pastas: 

Traditional Styles including Pappardelle, Fettuccine, and Lasagna. Our naturally flavored Pastas include Porcini Porcini Mushroom, Tomato, and/or Spinach and/or Lemon Zest Powder, Basil, or other ingredients.  

Organic “00” Flour Italian Style pre-Made/Baked Pizza Crusts

Garlic, Sourdough, Rosemary and Blends

Organic “00” Infused Pizza Flour Mix (Yeast, Garlic Powder, Flour de Sal) - for the best Pizza You'll ever make or have made for You)!

Organic "Reganas" Tapas Crackers
Rosemary; Rosemary & Garlic; Hatch Chili; and Sesame Seed
Dried Culinary Dips & Dressings:
(missing all the "Hidden" unwanted ingredients)
Provincial French Onion; Buffalo Ranch; and Zesty Vaquero  
Dried Forest Mushroom Blend of Five Mushrooms.

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Taste the Difference

Pardner's Pantry Products are not often found along the beaten path while many remain a staple of a well stocked Kitchen. The Basis for many of our unique recipes and blended products can be found in our searching for the best, and occasionally, uncommon ingredients. From our aromatic salt based seasonings dressings & dips, naturally infused pastas, tapas style crackers, and Traditional crispy pre-baked Italian Style Pizza crusts, the world is our warehouse and our resource to making a more complete Pantry. Pardner's Pantry is built upon the idea that the Americas represent the best example of the mingling of World  Cultures & Cuisine. From this we choose to highlight  flavors by pairing the Old with the New creating unique combinations. For example our Paella Partner celebrates this Traditional weekend gathering by combining novel delicacies into one.     

   An uncommon Pesto with preserved lemon offers an essential alternative melding the non- traditional into  a Traditional component. We take aim at rediscovering culinary items that should be found in any well stocked Kitchen. Join us (Pardner and Amber Hicks) as we explore exceptional tastes from the World over. 

Farmers Market Updates: 

At our "Recipes" drop-down you will find updates and contributions from those who visit our booth, offer-up their own refinements, and confirmations. Among those are; Red Oak as a favorite choice for the BBQ, pecan wood for a  southern flair, and smoked Pepper. Hope to see you soon and discover something new from your own Pantry!